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You are on your way to reducing your agency’s cyber risk.

Step 1: Download Coalition Resources

Grab your “7 Tips for Securing Your Agency Against Cyber Threats” and Sample Coalition Cyber Risk Assessment. You may also be interested in the “Additional Resources” section further below highlighting our Coalition Cyber program.

Step 2: Create a Cyber Liability Quote to Generate Your FREE Cyber Risk Assessment

Here’s How:
1. Log into
2. Select Cyber Insurance – Coalition from the product menu.
3. Click Request a Quote to access your Coalition Dashboard.
4. From your Coalition Dashboard, select Get Admitted Quote or Get Surplus Quote. (Differences between Admitted & Surplus) 
5. Once you have finalized your quote, a Cyber Risk Assessment is automatically generated, and available immediately in your Coalition Dashboard. (How do I obtain a Cyber Risk Assessment?)

h out to your dedicated Cyber Liability Program Manager, Carla McGee, to walk you through a quote!

Additional Resources

Video: How to Request a Quote for Coalition Cyber

PDF: Meet Your BIM Cyber Liability Program Manager

Video: Coalition Client Dashboard Overview

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